Building a business case for a new position, steps

  1. Determine what the new position should be titled, to whom the hire should report and which existing employment roles would report to the individual in the newly formed position.
  2. Insert a paragraph on Position context within the business
  3. State objectives and goals
  4. State position criteria including education and personal
  5. Outline the specific job responsibilities you envision for the position and be as detailed as possible
  6. Criteria that should be used in hiring for the position
    • Educational background and qualifications
    • Years of experience in the field
    • Specialised training or knowledge that would be paramount to effectively working the job
  7. Outline the expected volume of work for the next several years
  8. Consider projects coming up, explain how they will be negatively impacted if you don’t have enough help
  9. Close with a summary


  • Focus on the business impact of filling (or not filling) the position
  • Point to specific projects which you don’t have the capacity to service
  • Data is everything in this
  • Giving specific examples of extra things you could do is best, along with how that would increase sales/improve customer satisfaction/achieve the strategic aims of the company.
  • Mention a lack of people is preventing you from doing those things: i.e. not putting in needed features, not fixing bugs, not addressing customer needs

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