Anyhow, this is how you study

By Natalie Moore

  • Start assessments early and learn the material while you do the assessment
  • Do the questions at the end of the chapter
  • Write short essays on the concepts you are learning (make up questions or find samples online)
  • Re-draw any graphs and models
  • Every time you don’t know the answer to something or it doesn’t make sense write the topic down as a question and then later go back and revise that
  • If there is online content supplied do the interactive stuff
  • If there is not online content supplied go find some online and do it, there are lots of resources on google
  • Watch Youtube videos
  • Find someone who is an expert in the field and read their opinions on the topics
  • Read the Wikipedia articles
  • Work out how the different topics you are learning interrelate
  • Talk to the other students about things you don’t understand

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