No one owes me anything

When working hard getting things done, being the proactive one who enjoys doing the hard work sometimes I fall into an unhelpful head space.

Sometimes, when things start to get tough, I start to feel like the people around me ‘aren’t pulling their weight’ or ‘are leaving all the hard work to me’. Something that is important to remember is that I choose to do the hard work, I choose to be involved in the big picture. I choose not to fade into the back ground, to be a source of positive energy, to be a driving force.

No one is holding me to it, adults get to make their own choices about their own approaches to life, work and the power of their influence. I am not doing anyone any favors. I am simply doing what I want to, therefore I have no entitlement to anyone’s attention or energy. And that makes me appreciate the people in my life a little more.

No one owes me anything.


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