My awesome husband

Here are 10 reasons my husband is awesome

1. He is so funny and silly. He makes me laugh about 100 times a day.

2. He is an awesome green thumb and I love seeing him get the satisfaction he does from gardening and I love how excited he gets by new plants for the garden.

3. He loves food as much as I do. And he wants to go out to new resturants and try new things. He will eat anything. Anything! Even fried spiders. Even brutally hot chilli. Once he even ate squirrel soup in Laos because our host made it for us. He will eat anything.

4. He is not a nag, he is so easy going. He never yells or screams or fights, he is completely level headed. He doesn’t smash things or punch things or swear or get all worked up, he is just chill. Its so nice to never have to fear your husbands temper.

5. He doesn’t shy away from household chores. We both just get in and do it. We both have particular things we like done ‘just so’, I never have to be worried about people dropping in to a mess because the house is always neat and tidy.

6. He loves to travel, and we go on adventures together overseas every year. He loves to eat good food, drink good beer and wine and see amazing places and he really likes the worlds big cities, just like me.

7. He is very brave. And not just the obvious kind of brave but the planning logistics in foreign countries and difficult languages kind of brave. And the honest kind of brave. And the jumping into a mortgage at the right time kind of brave. Confronting people assertively (not aggressively) when they are denying having hit your car kind of brave.

8. He is very smart. So smart that he always seems to know the right answer. And he is so interested in politics and the world, he is full of interesting bits of information, its like having my own personal Google. He is clever and great at making good decisions and helping with decisions about things that matter.

9. He notices everything! Even if its just where I put my keys down he knows where they are. Even if its some look on my face or something the dog is up to. His mind naturally just collects details and stores them away or follows them up depending on his level of interest.

10. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He does what he wants to do and be’s what he wants to be, he wears clothes that are comfy and he doesn’t get caught up in gossip. Most people like him because he is funny and smart, and helpful and clever, but the occasional person who doesn’t like him he honestly couldn’t care less about, he is Mr Confident, so its just water off a ducks back.

I couldn’t be happier. My husband is perfect to me.


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